Two Seasons Bayside Hotel and Dive Center

Two Seasons Bayside Hotel and Dive Center rises alongside the clear blue waters of Coron Bay. It provides visitors a picture frame-worthy view of the majestic limestone cliffs and glorious sunsets. It is the only world-class hotel in Coron Town, boasting of 48 rooms and suites: eighteen (18) Standard Rooms, twenty-four (24) Bayview Rooms, three (3) Bayview Deluxe Rooms, and three (3) Panorama Suites, each complemented by its own verandah.

The hotel also offers the following amenities: a restaurant, an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, a souvenir shop, a fitness gym, a conference room, and complementary Wi-fi. A.C.Tajanlangit was the General Contractor of this hotel.

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Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel